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My Mechanic and I: AIT Presenter's Ordeal with a fraudulent mechanic

Ace broadcaster and AIT Presenter, Lara Wise took to her page today to narrate her ordeal in the hands of her mechanic, recall earlier that she accused the mechanic of sharp practices of the silencer and how he apologized? Now is another twist to the story, read below.

Ahhhhhhhh. I will 'kee' sombori today, I won't swear.

Recall my bitter experience with my panel beater who sold me a refurbished 'silencer' for new?

Recall how upon finding out I went to him and how he begged and applogised, blaming the devil for his action? How he begged me to give him a week to replace it? How he Called after two weeks to say he was ready? How I went there and he gave me a 'brand new' silencer? 

He fixed it and in my heart, it was a forgotten issue and I didn't take it out on him any longer. We resumed our banters and, honestly speaking, he is even on my list for Christmas gift.

But I noticed my fuel consumption shot up.

I changed where i usually buy fuel and went to an NNPC mega station yesterday and I spent the same amount on petrol. Then I knew something wasn't right. 

This morning I came to my mechanic to help me check why my car was guzzling fuel and, ladies and gentlemen, here. The supposed new 'silencer'. It is a shell. Nothing inside. Just a case. Repainted and sold to me as new.

When my mechanic first informed me, I asked him if he was drunk on a Monday morning.
He laughed, went under my car and brought out the pot. He got a chisel and a hammer and ripped it open. I burst into tears. I feel so pained.

I called the panel who get me into this mess and he said " ehn, e sha ma gbe bo..."( just bring it back).
I have told him to get set for the police.
Why do we do this to ourselves?
Why? ?????

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