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Lagos - Sango - Abeokuta Road: A trap death for all motorists

A lady named Olumide Salako has cried out to the Ogun state government and the Federal Ministry of Works and housing to quickly address the bad road of Ilepa, in Ogun state. according to her, she wrote...

Is Ogun State still in Nigeria?

SOS! Fashola help. PMB, come to our rescue.

My driver who is driving on these roads for the first time confessed, “I have not seen any other road as bad as this one in Nigeria.”

I wept. At Ilepa, Commuters are trekking because the danfo drivers refused to ply the bad road. They have to trek about 7km stretch to the other side of the bad road before they can continue their journey. The strong-head motorcyclists collect between N500-N1000 from Ilepa to Ifo.

What a wicked world we live in! Nigeria is cursed with bad leadership.

Do we have a governor in the state? What of the legislooters? Do they still have their tongues in their mouth? I mean can they still talk? I have not heard anything lately from our leaders as far as these roads are concerned. Ki lo de!

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