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Just as Lagos, Kano state commissions automated street sweeper for Kano roads

It was Lagos that first started the trend, now Kano state is replicating the same gesture. Governor of Kano state,  Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje OFR has launched a new M60 auto sweeper vehicles in Kano State Government to improve the cleanness of Kano and its capital. AutoReportNG decided to dig deeper to know how this vehicle works, its specs and what it can, according to their website, we learnt that...

MACRO street sweepers are the most advanced and performing machines for continuous professional use currently available on the market. For years, MACRO technology has been focusing on four objectives: simple use, consumption reduction, low environmental impact, fast return on investment.


MACRO machines are mechanical vacuum street sweepers that use the mechanical power of the brush to pick up the debris, as well as the vacuum fan to filter fine particulates and clean without raising dust


MACRO street sweepers pick up huge amounts of waste. They are among the top mechanical vacuum sweepers for urban use in terms of load volume and effective weight (the M60 version boasts 6 cube metres of volume and 6,000 kg of effective weight).

These are pictures from the firm's website...

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