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Continental BEE – Balanced Economy and Ecology Mobility Concept for Future Urban Transportation

A realistic concept of future mobility will be presented at this year’s IAA by Continental. BEE stands for Balanced Economy and Ecology mobility concept, this futuristic transportation offers clean, safe, and smartly connected mobility for personal urban transportation. Designed for up to 3 people (2 adults and a child), this autonomous vehicle provides stress-free and comfortable transport for city travel, two people can sit in the back and one in the front. This vehicle can reach a speed of 60km/h and be used for more than 350km/day. For safety, each unit is perfectly developed with flocking behaviour, it can move in groups and smartly keep its distance from each other.

A passenger can call BEE to the location using an app, the company explains that ideally, there are only few minutes between ordering and arrival. Autonomous driving is certainly the mobility of the future, it’s efficient and effective solution for mobility requirements in metropolitan areas. BEE can move around city traffic for up to 350km and it only needs an hour for fully recharged. During low-traffic periods, BEE can also be used as a pure transport vehicle for inner-city goods transport, an electric cargo transportation.

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