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Yet again, A Kenyan man converts Nissan Fuga car into a Mercedes Benz car, you won't notice the difference!

Kenya seems to be the new king when it comes to replica of cars these days. Remember the story of a Kenyan that converted a Mercedes Benz car to a Rolls Royce? well, we have another one for you again. A Kenyan motorist has taken the internet by storm by converting a Nissan Fuga into a Mercedes Benz car, but this time, he has a few challenge with changing the logos.

The car was seen on a Kenyan road by a Mercedes Benz specialist who noticed that something is definitely wrong and he decided to share it online.

As the popular adage says, if you can't beat them, you join them! If your money can go for Mercedes Benz, Kenya is just around the corner. We bring to you the pictures of the converted and that of the real Nissan Fuga. Before you buy any car, please shine your eyes.

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