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Nissan Unveils Sweat Detector Cars That Tell Motorists When To Drink Water

Nissan has unveiled a high-tech sweat detector which warns motorists when they need to drink water, after studies showed dehydration can be as bad as drink-driving.

Researchers found motorists who consume only a sip of water (25ml) per hour made more than double the number of mistakes on the road than those who were properly hydrated.

Researchers apply the coating to the steering wheel and front seats, which then changes colour when it is in contact with perspiration.

When dehydrated the SOAK coating turns yellow and when rehydrated it turns blue.

They are also highlighting the dangers of dehydration with mistakes including late-braking, drifting within a lane and even crossing lane lines.

Approximately two-thirds of drivers are unable to recognise the symptoms of dehydration like tiredness, dizziness, headache, a dry mouth and slower reaction times.

The innovative trademarked coating used in the car, is created by Paulien Routs and Dutch Design company 'Droog', and designed for the application in the Nissan Juke. The car in the campaign was created in collaboration by Paulien Routs and Droog Design.


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