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Mazda Unveils Vision Coupe Concept car at 2017 Tokyo motor show

Mazda’s ‘vision coupe’ concept expresses a minimalist Japanese aesthetic . The automaker is understood to have been considering a new grand tourers ports car since the unveiling of its ‘RX vision’ concept back in 2015. Mazda officials have told autocar that its engine is ‘designed to work with electrified elements’, suggesting a hybrid set-up could be developed to boost performance.

Highlights of Mazda’s ‘vision coupe’ include a ‘Kodo – soul of motion’ exterior that embodies a minimalist Japanese aesthetic, achieving a simple ‘one-motion’ form that conveys a sense of speed. The interior applies the concept of ma (literally ‘space’) from traditional Japanese architecture, combining three-dimensional depth with a strong longitudinal axis to produce a relaxed space while maintaining the feeling of motion. the concept’s name pays homage to the manufacturer’s tradition of design elegance represented by coupé models like the ‘R360’, Mazda’s first passenger car, and the ‘luce rotary’, also known as the ‘R130’.

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