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How to calculate fuel consumption in your car using Innoson G5 as a casestudy

Most of us drive cars and don’t know manufacturer stats of fuel consumption and what we actually do in real life. Knowing the condition of your car isn’t only by how it drives or whether the check engine light is on, you can also use the fuel consumption parameter to determine the efficiency of your car system.

In Nigeria here, we utilize mainly litres as the amount of fuel used and car speed are measured in either kilometer or miles. So we shall be using our very own INNOSON G5 for this calculation.

1km = 0.62miles
1L = 0.26Litres

So lets start, our Innoson G5 has a 2.5L V6 engine and the manufacturer after testing got

Highway driving 10L/100km
Combined (highway and city) 11.5L/100km
City driving 13L/100km
Fuel tank capacity = 80L

If we want to calculate distance to empty of this car, we will utilize combined calculation so we will have
80L x 100km / 11.5L = 696km. So at full tank, the Innoson G5 will drive us up to 696km before fuel is exhausted this calculation is majorly 80% highway and 20% city driving.

But in reality, most people will not want their car to exhaust all the fuel that is dangerous play, so how can I calculate fuel consumption without necessarily exhausting all the fuel from driving

1. The first 100km drive

Get to a filling station, buy full tank, get in the car and reset the trip meter in the odometer to zero, drive approximately 100km, locate a filling station and full up the tank, the reading on the pump will let you know how many litres your car used per 100km. After we drove our innoson G5 from ajah to ikorodu and back, we had a total of 100km, refueling again the pump read 12L @ the fueling station, against 11.5 recommended, I am satisfied.

2. Half tank calculation

Most people try to utilize the gauge but due to slope and type of gauge, its isn’t advisable to always utilize the gauge but you use it from full tank to when the gauge settles at half tank, so at half tank you calculate the distance travelled by using known stats of out G5

We travelled from lagos to Ilorin and back to Ibadan with the trip meter reading 365km and the gauge already at half tank so we calculate our fuel economy as

40L x 100km /365km = 11L/100km.

How to know distance utilized per litre

If for every 100km the G5 uses 11.5L( we utilize the combined calculation)

Xkm = 1L

Make xkm the subject of the formula

Xkm x 11.5 / 100km x 1L

Xkm = 100 x 1L / 11.5

Xkm = 8.67

So for every 8.67km driven our G5 utilizes 1L

To know if our calculations is right, multiply total fuel capacity of the G5 by the distance 8.67km x 80L equals 695.65 to whole number 696km same as the manufacturer stats

Head over to milespergallon.info to know your car recommended stats.


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