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Will You Buy This Beastly BMW C Evolution Bike?

With the way and manner that technology seem to changing gear, we all will wake up one day and see that the earth has been transformed to moving car, this exactly can be said of this new innovation by Rolf Reick of Krautmotors as he presented a beastly BMW electric rebuild at this year’s pure & crafted festival in Berlin — an event dedicated to the love of music and motorcycles. the custom-built bike is based on the BMW C evolution electric scooter — A powerful two-wheeler with an engine that guarantees immediate torque and a riding range of up to 99 miles. The Krautmotors-modified cruiser features an origami-like frame made of folded material and an exposed chassis and rear wheel, revealing the monster motorcycle’s inner workings.

Built from the ground up, Krautmotors began by dismantling an existing BMW C evolution, removing its plastic frame, and re-mounting a geometric feature to its front end. Reick removed the original casing and lowered the vehicle, taking out the shock absorbers to make it rigid. then, he installed a slick in the back and stub handlebars in the front, followed by the old-school casing, which only covers half of the scooter, leaving the other half bare. ‘you can see right away what it is: an e-bike,’ says Reick. ‘this is a real Reick scooter – rough, raw and unpolished.’

Now the big question, "Will you buy this type of a beastly bike?" Let's have your comment below.

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