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See The Futuristic Mobile Food Truck Requires Less Human Intervention

Imagine if your regular buka can come to you with any control or aid from any man. Designed by Cody Moore, Jordan Jones, Yulin Liu, Aditi Vyas, Tom Rouine, and Fernando Zeledon, Culinary Coach is a future mobile food truck. In the future,autonomous vehicle would our standard transportation, hence, this food truck also has been adapted to autonomous world. Food truck market is becoming widely popular in the future, it’s a lucrative market where eventually large companies would want to take over the market.

Culinary Coach is a fully autonomous truck, both in driving and operation, it only requires a “Barista” to speed up the customer experience. There’s a vending machine with serving table that prepares food, keeping the space available for a kitchen and eliminating human intervention to food preparation for better sanitation. The form and layout are designed to maximize efficiency of the customer flow, including the refilling and cleaning of surfaces and spaces within the vehicle. The truck is totally green, it has an electric motor and photovoltaic glass where everything is incorporated within the scope of the vehicle design.

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