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Oil Leakage In Cars: These are the causes

If your car is leaking oil, this is not something to ignore. Besides leaving stains on the pavement, an oil leak can even pose a fire risk for your car’s engine. If you see signs of leaking, it’s best to get an oil leak fix as soon as possible. Consider the most common reasons for car oil leaks.

Degraded Engine Gasket

The most common cause of oil leaks occurs when the gasket, which is a seal that joins two metal components in the engine, breaks down. This occurs because oil creates sludge over time, which is harmful to the gasket.

Oil Pan Damage

The underside of the oil pan can become damaged due to running over debris in the road, like large rocks. Such occurrences can dent the oil pan, and this can cause the seal to become loose and the oil to leak.

Oil Drain Plug

The oil drain plug is located at the base of the oil pan. When it becomes worn out or is loosened from running over debris in the road, a leak will occur. Fresh oil around the plug is an indication of a leak, as is dripping.

Oil Filler Cap

If the filler cap, which covers the engine oil compartment, is loose, broken or missing, the oil is likely to spill out while the vehicle is running, and it will continue to drip after the car is stopped.

Oil Filter

Oil filters wear out or become loose or misaligned over time. The oil filter is used to remove carbon and other impurities created by the combustion process. This filter is subject to oil pressure supplied by the oil pump and will leak if the filter is loose or the seal from the old oil filter is still on the block which can surface well after the oil change has been done. Use a flashlight check the oil filter for a leak and remove or tighten the filter and recheck. Wipe the area clean and recheck the leak after a short time.

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