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Child Safety In A Car - FRSC Gives Tips

How safe is your child in the car? These few tips will help your kids when you are driving?

Child Seats: This is a special safety seat for a child that is fitted into a car, Make sure that the child is correctly placed in a child safety seat. This reduces the possibility of an injury or death in the event of a crash.
The child restraint should be attached, such that the child will face the rear of the seat.

• Children from ages 1 to 7 should ride facing the front of the car in a child seat, strapped properly to the back seat.
• Do not carry a child on your laps as he or she may be crushed between your body and the dash board if there is a crash.
• Do not allow children to play with the handle of the doors or locks, use child lock where available.
• Do not allow children to ride in the luggage area of hatchbacks, station wagons or vans.
• Do not leave a hatchback open when a child is riding in the back seat.
• It is against the law to transport children under age 16 at the back of a pickup van.
• Children from ages 7 and above should ride in a vehicle facing the front but securely restrained with safety belts.
• When transporting children and the elderly

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