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This Rolls-Royce Phantom Has A Twin-Charged 2JZ

Just as Emeka, the spare parts seller will say, Nna, this one na machine, same can be said of this Rolls Royce

The 6.75-liter V12 engine found in the previous-generation Rolls-Royce Phantom is one of the most refined, smoothest and quietist internal combustion engines ever conceived, perfect for a luxury car like the Phantom.

However, when the engine of a Japanese owner’s Phantom went kaput, he decided against finding another Rolls V12 and instead went for one of the tuning world’s favorite engines, the 2JZ made famous by the Toyota Supra.

The six-cylinder engine has been comprehensively modified with HKS forged internals and supplemented by a GReddy T78 turbo and a HKS supercharger. All told, the crazy engine delivers a more-than-sufficient 900 hp, all sent to the rear wheels via a strengthened transmission.

The tuning shop appears to have done a neat job of fitting the engine but some rather tacky gauges are now found in the cabin. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that this Phantom could outsprint everything to come out of the Rolls-Royce factory.

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