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From Bentleys to Range Rovers, forsaken luxury cars are rotting away in this Chinese car graveyard

A parking lot in Chengdu, China has become a graveyard of luxury cars that are slowly being absorbed by nature.

According to the local police, many of the car’s owners failed to show up to court to claim their vehicles or provide the proper paperwork.

The cars have now been sitting for years in the impound lot as nature slowly dines on Bentley, Mercedes and Range Rovers.

As we said, there are over 200 abandoned luxury vehicles which are called “zombie cars” by onlookers. The massive lot is called ‘tyrant’s car park’ as well! A very logical title considering the value of all these luxury cars! There are two Bentley, one a Bentley Flying Spur and another a Bentley Continental GT!

Clearly the owners aren’t missing their cars, some of which easily cost over $100,000. Maybe putting them up for auction after the first year just made too much sense.

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