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Aston Martins debuts in Vanquish Zagato Volante series

When you hear Aston Martins, what comes to your mind? Definitely it has to do with class, luxury and sleekness.  Aston Martin first debuted the ‘Vanquish Zagato Volante‘, followed by confirmation that not only will the ‘Vanquish Zagato Speedster’ enter production, but it will be joined by a spectacular ‘Vanquish Zagato shooting brake’.

The Aston Martin ‘speedster’ + ‘shooting brake’ represent the two extremes of the ‘Vanquish Zagato‘ family. The former is an uncompromising roofless design that expresses the raw excitement of an open-top high performance sports car. The boldest aspect of the ‘speedster’s’ design is the speed humps that rise up to form streamlined cowls that flow back from the seats, representing Zagato’s signature ‘double-bubble’ roof. All the body panels are made from carbon fiber, while the aston Martin vulcan-inspired ‘blade’ tail lights, and repeated 3D Zagato ‘Z’ motifs in the front grille and rear vent meshes, create an unbroken stylistic thread with the supercar collection. Aston Martin has only 325 cars worldwide, divided between 99 coupes, 99 volantes, 28 speedsters and 99 shooting brakes – they are still the rarest of the rare.’

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