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See The New Futuristic Mercedes Benz Generation EQ Concept Car

Mercedes-Benz introduces Generation EQ, an electric concept car that boasts the appearance of a sporty SUV coupe. Mercedes-Benz wants to show you how electric cars can also move into the fast lane, it’s a preview of a new generation of battery-powered vehicle.

The dynamic body design features new electro-look that strongly bolds the focus on the powerful electric drive system. It has two electric motors with a system output that can be increased up to 300 kW thanks to scalable battery components. The permanent all-wheel drive allows for dynamic high-level performance with a range of up to 500km. Generation EQ electric car aims to meet market demands in sustainable and contemporary mobility.

The name EQ means “Electric Intelligence”, which is derived from the company’s brand values of Emotion and Intelligence. There are four principles strongly held by Mercedes Benz when designing the future of our mobility: connected, autonomous, shared, and electric. This concept car is the logical fusion of all those four pillars. This automobile goes beyond electric vehicles, it offers comprehensive electric ecosystem of services, technologies, and innovations.

The interior reveals driver-oriented cockpit, it is designed to have simple, touch-based controls. It features electro-look which is also reflected on the exterior styling. The asymmetrical design of the instrument panel features large, floating wide-screen display. There are no knobs, all you can see are touch-based controls.

Generation EQ electric car offers latest generation charging technologies, it is capable for charging at home by induction or wallbox for fast charging.

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