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R-Truck : Next Generation Autonomous Truck Concept

Europe, Japan, North America – various types of self-driving technologies are being tested on the roads here. From next year Japan will introduce AI-controlled trucking system. Various kinds of artificial senses will be called to revolutionize the truck industry. Soon we will witness the end of truck driver profession, in the result of emerging technologies. While governments will face an army of unemployed drivers, designers will enter all new world, free of many restrictions and regulations, where human isn’t a center point of design anymore.

R-truck project, started just as simple analysis and interpretation of modern architecture (by Frank Gehry to be precise) into car design. Truck was selected since its volumes fit this kind of experiments perfectly. Well, during the common sketching and shape research this project naturally evolved into no-human, self-drive trend. The result is R-Truck, the next generation of autonomous truck.

Watch the video below...

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