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Future car won’t have speakers but you’ll be able to play music through the roof, seats and dashboard

In-car speakers will be ditched in the future with music instead transmitted through the roof, seats and dashboard.

Engineers at Continental have developed the clever speaker-less tech that takes inspiration from a violin to make noise through a car’s interior.

Car interiors will replace conventional speakers in the future

The new technology has already been trilled on a Mercedes C-Class although full-scale production is still “several years away”, according to developers.

Removing speakers would make cars cheaper, save weight and improve fuel economy.

The Ac2ated Sound system works by using actuators to convert digital music into sound waves and transmit them directly through body panels.

It’s similar to how the bridge on a violin converts the bow and string movement into sound from the wooden body.

Johann Hiebl, head of the Continental business unit Infotainment and Connectivity, said: “In the age of electric vehicles, car manufacturers are looking for innovative solutions to drastically reduce the weight of their vehicles and gain space for passengers and new technologies.

“On the other hand, design and sound quality may not suffer from this goal.

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