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How to drive safely on the expressway

The importance of safe driving on the expressway cannot be exaggerated because its high speed can easily lead to catastrophic accidents. Even seasoned drivers must abide by the basic rules of safe driving because danger lurks everywhere on the expressway.

Preparations to make before driving on the expressway

Plan ahead with enough traveling time

* If you plan to use the expressway for a long-distance trip, as with the majority of drivers, you are recommended to plan ahead a driving route, when and where to rest between driving.

* Find out the weather and traffic conditions of your destination and en route places from radio or TV and reflect them in your plan.

Check your vehicle in advance

* Thoroughly check the status of fuel, cooling water, engine oil and tires so as to prevent a vehicle breakdown, which can cause accidents or unplanned stopping.

* As for freight vehicles, check the status of cargo to prevent it from falling. Check the condition of straps and lids on a general basis between driving.

* Prepare a spare tire, maintenance tools, flash light, and first-aid kit.

Expressway safe driving tips

Look ahead

The majority of expressway accidents occur when drivers fail to keep looking ahead. Drivers should look at not only the back but also the front of the vehicle in front.

Enter slow, accelerate fast

Before you enter an expressway, signal your intention with the turn signal, gradually increase your speed in the acceleration lane, and pay attention to other vehicles. Enter when it is safe. Upon entering, accelerate fast in order to avoid slowing down other vehicles.

Drive in designated lanes

I know we are not used to this in Nigeria, especially in Lagos where they are always in hurry. After you pass a slowly moving vehicle using a passing lane, always return to your original lane. Return only when there is enough inter-vehicle space between you and the vehicle behind you.

Do not speed, slow down at the entrance and exit

Expressway accidents caused by speeding are likely to be large-scale ones that deal severe damage to the involved. Keep in mind that speeding is the biggest threat to driving safety. Make sure that you slow down at the entrance and exit of an expressway. Many accidents occur because drivers entering a rest stop fail to slow down or drivers exiting an expressway intersection hesitate.

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