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Volvo Introduces Sleek Rider Concept For Kids and Its very Affordable

Its often said that "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". Out of Volvo's schedule, they decided to create something unique for the kids. Volvo found the time to create the new Rider Concept, a vehicle absolutely perfect to get your young child into the world of all things cars.

The car is Priced at $176 (66,880 naira) and already so popular that it made the Volvo website crash, the Rider Concept is a sleek Swedish two-door powered by the legs of the 1-3-year-old behind the wheel.

Unlike those cheap ride-on toys you can find at Toys “R” Us, the Rider Concept actually has some fairly impressive features, most notably its LED headlights and taillights which mimic those of the full-size S90.

Additionally, the Rider Concept includes a fully-functional horn and a set of disproportionately large wheels that only work on toys or something like a ridiculous-looking Hummer, sort of.

Watch the video below..



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