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LASTMA Traffic Fines Lists

Lagos Traffic Law regime is designed to protect law abiding road users. It is also designed to ensure that those who flout any of its stipulations are made to face the consequences of their action so that they can be reformed and join the law abiding group. Traffic offences are called strict liability offences: you do the offence, you pay the consequence. However, the traffic management regime is not designed to empower officials of any agency of the State to molest, intimidate, extort or make a law breaker out of any Lagos resident/stakeholder through the demanding and giving of bribes so as to avoid unsavoury situations.

The minimum financial penalty under the Lagos State traffic law (aside from towing expenses) is N20,000 (Twenty Thousand Naira) only - a sum which is higher than the monthly National Minimum Wage. It is therefore in the best interest of a road users to know what constitutes an offence so as to avoid its draconian consequences including the possibility of facing criminal prosecutions, being sent to the State approved driving school and other penalties

Don't be a victim... Drive responsibly.

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