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A wonder on Wheels: See The Toyota FT-4X Concept

Toyota FT-4X concept – or, ‘future Toyota’ - four-wheel drive crossover – is a four-wheel drive toolbox drafted by the Japanese automaker's Calty design research inc. in Newport beach, California. With its long list of unique functionalities and rugged charm in a compact design, this concept is made for quick escapes.

Toyota believes that generation Y (millennials) are fond of the outdoors, but operate almost always indoors. they enjoy venturing into to new neighborhoods and exploring national parks, with minimal forward planning. Their countless interactions on social media bring inspiration. it is the busyness of their nonstop daily lives that pushes them past the precipice of ‘liking’ a social media post into the realm of creating their own, in reality. quick escapes are becoming the social normal, and the Japanesee-automaker’s ‘FT-4X’ aims to cater for all needs during these adventures.

In this knowledge, the Calty design studio fostered a ‘rugged charm’ ethos when creating the concept. ‘rugged charm’ places value on simplicity, capability, durability, and tToyota lineage. it also takes into account compact, sturdy dimensions, and a charming ubiquitous tactility of grips, handles, and controls (the notion of feeling a satisfying mechanical reaction to a user’s input).

Designers took a reverse approach to the vehicle’s design. rather than begin their styling processes at the nose or profile, they began at the rear. during their months’ long research, they noticed that basecamp for gen Y explorers was oftentimes the destination itself: Cherished experiences were had in and around this basecamp, usually at their vehicle’s tailgate, or hatch.

At the center of the concept vehicle’s nose is a classic, extra-large embossed Toyota logo, flanked by bright LED headlamps. like the rear, reflective tie down hooks set in the lower bumper enhance the crossover’s looks and functionality. another nod to classic ‘FJ land cruisers’ and pickup models of years-gone-by is the recognizable horizontal structure of the ‘FT-4X’s’ grille, headlights, and bumper.

Watch the video here..

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