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Wrangler Releases Mini-Me Jeep Wrangler

As change seems to be the only permanent thing to humans, change happens to products and other things within us too. Wrangler Jeep seems to be going into production of Mini-Me Jeep Wrangler. A reader sends in these pictures from his base and the pictures look so cute.

The fact that it's carefully styled on the outside would have us believe that this modded Wrangler won't be getting too dirty anytime soon, not with those shiny wheels on.

But if its owner wanted to, we reckon they could clear just about any obstacle with it, that is if they're not too busy admiring what they did to it regarding mods.

Unfortunately, we have zero information on it, but those custom body panels almost make this Wrangler look as if it was just unpacked from a toy set.

Will you buy this jeep if it is on sale?

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