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Volkswagen Sedric Self-Driving Concept Car as Future Individual Mobility

Sedric (self-driving car) was born out of the idea from Volkswagen Group to redefine individual mobility. The revolutionary concept presents you an integrated mobility concept for mobility of the future in road traffic, this is the first automotive manufacturer that offers this feature. Sedric concept car is developed from scratch for autonomous driving, creating an innovative form of individual mobility that is perfect for everyone, available just at the touch of a button.

This is the first concept car from VW Group that features cross-brand ideas platform, it is sustainable, safe, and convenient. This is the first concept vehicle in autonomous driving group, it’s been created for level 5 autonomous transportation a.k.a no human driver will be required. Sedric is the first, a pioneer platform for autonomous driving in Volkswagen Group. It can be said the “Father” for the next concepts, so soon Sedric would have “children” and “grandchildren” for Volkswagen Group’s various brands.

Sedric is an independent vehicle, it’ll drive children to school, take you to the office, find its own parking space, pickup a visitor, and many more, automatically. Everything can be done with voice control or touch of a button, reliable and safe. Passengers can talk to Sedric as if they’re talking to a personal assistant, the windscreen is a big OLED screen that serves as a communication and entertainment center.

The 2+2 person design makes it perfect as personal car. The two rear seats function as a comfortable couch while a good air-conditioning system offer perfect environment. There are air-purifying plants located in front of the rear windscreen to enhance the effect of bamboo charcoal air filters. Enjoy green technology on board.

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