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Vanda Electrics Has Unveiled Dendrobium Electric Concept Hypercar

Singapore has its own electric hypercar, Vanda Dendrobium. Yes, Vanda Electrics has unveiled a concept supercar at 2017 Geneva Auto Show, it’s powered by an electric drive system with extraordinary performance. The roof and doors open automatically in a sync similar to a fully-opened dendrobium flower. It’s an orchid native to Singapore where the car has its name.

In corporation with Williams Advanced Engineering, Vanda has developed this car with ultimate aerodynamics, lightweight structures, and electrification. There are two electric motors at each axle, it has a single-speed gearbox at the front and a multiple-speed gearbox at the rear. Even though it’s still a concept, Vanda boldly claims that this car can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in less than 3 seconds, and it can reach a top speed of 200mph.

The body is constructed of carbon fiber, light weight and it is balanced by its lithium-ion batteries. This car is fitted with double wishbone suspension at both ends with carbon-ceramic brake disc. The luxury interior features Bridge of Weir leather trim, digital dashboard with two rear-view displays that take feeds from wing-mounted cameras. The dashboard buttons are hexagon-shaped, similar theme throughout the car. There’s a good potential that 2020 would be the start date for production.

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