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The Company Behind New Danfo Buses in Lagos Unveiled

Recently, we released some exclusive pictures of the new Lagos state buses which will replace the danfo buses. It was earlier reported that the Lagos State Government planned to eradicate danfo buses into a new and urban model. When the pictures emerge, there were speculations that the company was TATA which was based in India due to the logo on it. We did some digging, and we got some clues. Our findings point that, the firm is actually based in China, they are an OEM company that they did cars based on speculations, by the way, do you know that a car firm in Africa actually used this firm as a cover up for their company? The firm claimed that they built their cars 100% locally, but its all lies and cover up. Back to our topic... The firm is an OEM and they specialized in building different models of cars, buses etc according to speculations.

According to their profile..

We are an overseas marketing investment development Dept,  a professional  China Auto development Dept and Manufacturer.  Our group is focusing on the the vehicle assembling project throughout the world, so far, we have successfully set up several such auto assembling plants in Syria, Ghana, Seychelles, Vanuatu for pickup, SUV, bus, moke assembling. Bus Assembly Production Line project cooperation way includes joint venture cooperation, turnkey project model,cooperation agreement,trade cooperation partner and so on....

Why Set Up Oversea Bus Assembly Production Line  Plant?
In order to further reduce transportation costs and seize the opportunities to develop international bus market, cooperating to set up local buses assembly plant has become the only way for Chinese bus makers to march into international market.

1. Set up oversea assembly line with CKD/SKD Bus Assembly Line
2. Investment in Bus assembly lines
3. Workforce & machinery
4. Local market sales and service
We propose and provide "REPAIR & MAINTENANCE" After-Sales Service:
1) Found a professional bus "Repair & Maintenance" service company to ensure the After-Sales Service;
2) Spare parts supply;
3) Driving & repairing training guidance;
4) Technical advisory and training;
5) Market data feedback and disposing;
6) The most important - Technology Support.

Bus Assembly Line Project Partners Requirement:

1) Fund: over 1 million USD;
2) Land & Workshop: over 15000-20000 square meters land including 5000 square meter workshop at least;
3) Sales Channel: Good Automobile Sales Channel, Familiar with Automobile Industry and Its Business.
4) Custom Duty: the difference gap between auto spare part CKD (completely knocked down) and CBU (complete built unit) shall be at least 30-35%, for example, import tariff on CBU is 35%, it must be 5% or zero on CKD.

The above information can be summarized as the following table in short
Comparison of the Vehicle Import (take Nigeria the 6650 series bus as an example)
status tariff rate loading units in a 40HQ freight on per unit
CBU (complete built unit) 35% 1 unit total cost for one 40HQ
SKD (semi-knocked down) 5-10% 1.8-2 units on average in quantity around half of the cost for one 40HQ
CKD (completely knocked down) 0% 3-4 units on average in quantity around a quarter of the cost for one 40HQ

 What Can We Support in Bus Assembly Production Line Project?
We can support you the technology train support, equipment support...  Engineers from your country will be sent to China to start studying the industry skill of bus according to your country assembly plant condition. So we will start with easy car assembly line, then complicated car assembly line.

If you have interest in bus project or other vehicle assembly, we can supply you the auto spare parts with competitive car assembly line price, and we now sincerely invite you to join us to create the bright future.

If you lack of fund, we advise to start from common trade, then turnkey project when fund permitting. Or, we support you related project information and you can find your friends or suitable persons as your cooperation partners for project.

Are you thinking what I am thinking?

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