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See The Pininfarina H600 Concept Car Which Fuses Electric Power With Luxury Styling

The ‘H600′ electric concept car, made by Pininfarina in collaboration with the Hybrid Kinetic Group, makes its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2017. The futuristic concept vehicle is built with people who appreciate refined details, precious materials, and exclusive treatments, in mind. The international and cosmopolitan approach expresses values approved of in Hong Kong as they are in Shanghai, New York or Milan. The ‘h600′ aims to be a solution to today’s sustainable mobility imperatives, displaying a formal balance between elegance and eye-catching aesthetics, embodying the concepts of luxury and exclusivity. The ‘h600′ looks to open up a new horizon and infinite prospects for the booming new energy vehicle industry.

The rear lights compose a luminous stripe radiating progressively from the logo towards the exterior. The glazed surface of the roof has been designed with a view to ensuring the ideal balance between the need to protect the occupants and the possibility of letting in the light and seeing outside. At night, the window becomes a luminous porthole supplying artificial light to the cockpit. The interior of the ‘h600′ follows the layout of a lounge, an open space that ensures maximum comfort for the rear seat passengers thanks to a higher degree of spaciousness and habitability than is normally found in this segment.

The surfaces are covered with noble materials such as natural leather having haute couture formal quality and finishes, with copper colored seams contrasting with the cocoa brown upholstery. Extensive use of veneered wood on the seat shells and the floor, with an artful use of the wood grain, harks back to the tradition of cabinet-making. For an even more exclusive interior, a clock is set in the center control panel, right under the central lid.

Ambient lights take the form of white luminous bands that fill the interior with a suffused light, creating a natural and pleasing atmosphere and a sensation of psychological well-being. The human machine interface elements inside the car work at different levels, with a big screen that cuts across the facia and calls to mind a suspended cabinet. Thus, the various zones are well identified: the driver side with controls and gauges, and, on the passenger side, a comfortable zone for the passenger with the infotainment system.

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