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Range Rover Velar Unveiled at London's Design Museum

Unveiled at London's design museum, the fourth range rover ‘velar’ – like its predecessors – is another pioneer, exploring the frontier for luxury SUVs. Following the teaser images that accompanied the car’s initial announcement, the full new design of the ‘velar’ has now been revealed, showing how flush-fitting features and meticulous attention to detail form the backbone of it. with well-balanced and optimized proportions, its lineage is recognizable from its floating roof, continuous waistline and taut, tapered lines at the rear. the range rover ‘velar’ will be on show at the Geneva motor show 2017, which runs from 9th to 19th March.

The range rover ‘velar’s’ elegant exterior and interior plays host to a raft of technological features. much is hidden from view, including an aluminium-intensive structure, all-wheel drive, air suspension, and high-tech infotainment. much, however, is also extroverted like the all-LED lights – bright, translucent highlights in its graphically reductionist form. Or its flush, deployable door handles that retract into the doors when not in use. the use of burnished copper-colored finish on some exterior detailing is a first in the automotive sector and typical of the approach taken by ‘velar’s’ design team.

The exterior, expressed in the simple and clear of forms, certainly has presence with the ‘velar’s’ strikingly apparent shoulder line. like the softness in the material on the lower door panels, the slimness of the features that hang off velar’s feature line – its LED headlamps and the burnished, copper-colored detailing on the bonnet vents – are born from a deep-seated understanding of the power of understatement.

The centerpiece of the interior is a twin-screen, 10-inch touch pro duo infotainment system, that combines a rake-adjustable upper touchscreen with a second screen in the main console between the seats. between the two screens, which are linked allowing occupants to move content between the two with a flick of a finger, nearly every non-dynamic feature can be controlled.

‘This cutting-edge, consumer technology developed by jaguar land rover provides an intuitive interface with unrivaled performance and functionality,’ comments Nick Rogers, Director, Group Engineering, at Jaguar land rover.

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