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Modern and Stylish Hx2 Horse-Drawn Hitch Wagon

Hx2 Horse-Drawn hitch wagon aims to redesign the old carriage into more modern and safer form. In the old days, horse-drawn hitch wagon was widely used by many people in many fields for transportation or as part of farming equipment. In our modern days, we have progressed into automotive industry for transportation and the practice of using horses is considered as archaic mode of transportation, including boats and balloons. In many developed countries, horse-drawn carriage rides are considered as recreation or a great alternative than walking. This new design proposes a new approach to leisure riding, it doesn’t drastically change the basic form, it features more stylish form that fits all types of terrain.

Hx2 Horse-Drawn hitch wagon also aims to encourage our generation to discover or re-discover the joy of equestrian sport. Below are some of the re-modelled Horse-Drawn Hitch Wagon. Your take on these?

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