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Mark Zuckerberg Goes On NASCAR Racing

With a staggering net worth of $56.7 billion, Mark Zuckerberg could buy pretty much everything imaginable multiple times over. Despite that, he lives a relatively humble existence and in his free time, works closely with a number of charities.

Yesterday, Zuckerberg decided to pass his time in a slightly different way by heading Charlotte with Dale Earnhardt Jr to learn about NASCAR while also getting some seat time behind the wheel of the 700 hp+ race car.

The Facebook founder may have officially headed to the track to learn about the NASCAR community but the real action begins when he gets into the carbon fiber passenger seat and commentates in disbelief at how fast the car is and how close to the concrete walls Dale gets. Things inevitably get even crazier for him when he starts driving.

Not a bad day in the office for Mark. Not bad at all.

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