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IDEO Envisions Ride-sharing Car Concept for 'The Future of Moving Together'

The minds behind IDEO have been thinking about ‘the future of automobility’ for several years now, expanding on experiential visions for autonomous driving, on-demand delivery services, and mobile workspaces. Today, IDEO is launching its fourth point-of-view in this series of design concepts, this time looking at the potential of ride-sharing in our not-too-faraway future. The firm’s vision for ‘the future of moving together’ imagines the ways that tomorrow’s vehicles can create a more efficient, collaborative and flexible commute for drivers and passengers alike.

According to the American community survey, 76% of people in the US travel alone in a personal vehicle. The possibilities of sharing a commute with others can save money, reduce our carbon footprint, and ease road congestion — but how can thoughtful vehicle design, in turn, help us?

IDEO has been investigating the possibilities of streamlining the ride-sharing experience, and enhancing it for future use, tapping into the wants and needs of both drivers and passengers. ‘the future of moving together’ puts the spotlight on a new concept that aims to optimize the process of picking up passenger requests, create customized, interior experiences, and truly hone in on what these engagements might look like in a few years time.

‘The future of moving together’ follows the fictional Chloe as she commutes to work in her ride-share. Various degrees of sharing offer car owners the option to decide whether they’d like to use their vehicle privately, for car-sharing, or for ride-sharing purposes. as she continues her journey, she receives a notification from Nate, who requests a place in a backseat ‘pod’ in ‘privacy mode’. Those who wish to relax and enjoy quiet time can do so by leaning back in their seat, which enables a surrounding seat shell to provide visual privacy from others.

Other special features of the concept include noise-cancelling technology that creates an enclosed and individual feeling within a specific pod. On-demand reservations can also be programmed, and an in-car adapted interface lets riders take video calls on the go via a screen above their pods. Also, as electric motors and batteries are housed beneath the floor of the vehicle, large storage becomes available in the front and the rear of the vehicle.

In an age where concept cars often put the focus on exterior aesthetics, IDEO’s ‘future of moving together’ dives into the detailed interior design of the vehicle, sharing a vision for personal and interpersonal ride-sharing experiences of the future.

Users can request seats in a car from their smartphones, choosing the pod they wish to travel in

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