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Ford “Autolivery” Self-Driving Delivery Concept Van with Drones

Ford has a vision what’s going to be like in the “City of Tomorrow”. Drones would play an important part in this modern phenomenon, Ford Autolivery is a concept delivery van that work together with drones to improve mobility in future urban areas. Implementing self-driving van, this vehicle would transport everything in very quick and efficient way, from groceries to urgent medical supplies. While van can reach you on the ground, those drones have potential to take the cargo to the air to reach destinations that are inaccessible by cars such as a tower block.

Autolivery is a concept developed by Ford employees for company’s Last Mile Mobility Challenge. The team has imagined an electric self-driving van that is used together with drones to pick up and drop off goods. This concept can be experienced using virtual reality headsets at Mobile World Congress, this project is part of Ford’s vision of the “City of Tomorrow”. Checkout the video for more details.

Watch the video below..

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