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A Look At The Polaris Sportsman WV850 H.O. All-Terrain Vehicle

The Polaris Sportsman ‘WV850 H.O.’ All-Terrain Vehicle is an almost indestructible ATV built to military specifications, featuring non-pneumatic, bulletproof tires. First developed for the US military, Polaris's ‘Terrainarmor’ tires offer mobility to today’s agent who may be under threat of enemy attack and can tackle the trickiest of terrain.

Polaris’s ‘Terrainarmor’ tire technology is the first of its kind in the commercial all-terrain vehicle market. The Minnesota-based manufacturer says that these tires enhance the ‘wv850’s’ center-of-gravity and cornering. The 77-horsepower off-roader also comes with a single-speed transmission, a high-strength steel exoskeleton, steel racks, plus a huge towing capacity (1,500 lb (680.4 kg)). The vehicle’s non-pneumatic tires are designed to cope with combat-level stress; they can withstand .50 caliber gunshots, even AK-47 bullet damage, and roll away from ballistic scenes like nothing happened.

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