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Vultran Solair Modular Electric Concept Car: A Car With 3D Body

Lee Rosario has designed Vultran Solair, it’s a futuristic modular electric concept car that incorporates current as well as developing technologies. This futuristic car serves both as a sports convertible and an off-road all terrain vehicle. Featuring carbon composite unibody design with open air architecture (OAA), Vultran Solair provides a unique experience while dramatically reducing construction materials, weight, manufacturing time, and increasing battery efficiency. The minimalist design allows for ease of customization and maintenance. Designed as 3-seat vehicle, the configuration is ideal for those who want to enjoy off-road driving or extreme sport adventures.

Inspired by vintage classics such as 1969 Chevrolet Corvette and the 1973 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C3, the body of Vultran Solair is constructed of single highly flexible and impact resistant 3D printed carbon composite swappable shell. This type of material can be quickly replaced during repairs. Updating the primary look of this car would easy, just use a new, updated shell.

Inside Solair, there’s a network of ultra thin and highly refined nanoantennas solar spiral conductors. Their job is to harness solar radiation during the day as well as residual infrared energy at night, this system allows solar charging to work literally around the clock.

Vultrain Solair features:
  • Sport and Off-road configurations.
  • Polyflex reinforced carbon fiber impact cage combined with compact airbag and restraint system.
  • Impact and scratch resistant swappable shell can be replaced quickly and inexpensively.
  • Artificial Intelligence CPU handles autonomous drive modes, real-time communications and augmented reality windshield display.
  • Modular “Open Architecture” design allows easy parts replacement and endless customization without having to buy a new vehicle every few years.
  • 2 high-performance AC induction motors drive the front and rear axles independently.
  • Ultrasonic forcefield replaces the need for windshield wipers and helps redirect air over the body and away from the driver and passengers.
  • Simplistic yet elegant interior design is also extremely weather resistant for some off-roading excursions.
  • Turbine LED rims help redirect airflow into the wheel to cool breaks and redirect air into the cabin.
  • Removable wheel covers transform your car from a sport supercar to an off road machine.
  • Augmented reality windshield eliminates the need for a standard dashboard display.
  •  AR Windshield displays all standard and important information from environmental hazards to vehicle updates.

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