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Ripsaw EV2 Dual Track Luxury Off-Road Vehicle

The ‘ripsaw EV2′ (extreme vehicle 2) is a handcrafted dual track luxury off-road vehicle, developed for public and extreme off-road recreation. Originally designed and built for the military as a high-speed super-tank, the ‘ripsaw’ base platform it is built upon has proved to be the fastest dual tracked vehicle ever developed. the high-mobility vehicle’s expressive angular form creates the impression it has been influenced by Lamborghini's ‘centro stile’.

The ‘ripsaw EV2‘ is powered by a 600 horsepower 6.6L Duramax diesel engine, paired with an Allison automatic transmission, enabling it to reach speeds of over 60 mph with sports car-like acceleration. It features an optional fully sealed aerospace aluminium hull with floatation-capability, so you can safely tackle anything over four feet deep. the ‘extreme vehicle 2’s’ has a fuel capacity of  151 litres (40 gallons), giving it a 300-mile range between refills.

Weighing a surprisingly light 8000 pounds, the ‘EV 2′ is ideally suited for tackling loose ground conditions and depths of mud, sand or snow that would stop a traditional wheeled-vehicle dead in its tracks. the ‘ripsaw’s’ tracks travel around a proprietary clutching system designed to handle the massive torque of its powerplant, and through a combination of coil overs and air shocks, suspension travel comes in at an impressive 13.4-inches.

Climb in one of the gullwing-style doors, and you’ll find most of the same basic amenities found in the current truck and SUV’s including air-conditioning, a surround sound system, and high-end leather seats. The vehicle is manoeuvred electronically, with only a quarter turn in either direction of the steering wheel to reach the locks. since the stealth vehicle has no rear window, it has a rear-facing camera and viewing screen.

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