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Nissan EON Concept Car: A Car With A Different Touch

EON is a sponsored project by Nissan. This concept car aims to unify the marine design with automotive design elements, promoting best of both worlds in one iconic car. The word EON is a Greek term that translates to eternity, everlasting, just like this car is meant to be. It’s an all-electric car with performance of a race car, featuring pure and futuristic design to achieve a sophistication of sportsmanship. This car is also equipped with NIA, Nissan Intelligent Assistant, to provide smooth riding experience wherever your destination is.

Designer: Luis Carlos Moreno G.

Sponsored by NISSAN for the Master in Styling and Concept Design car of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV)

Supervised by:
Koji Nagano (Vice President Nissan Design Europe)
Giovanni Arroba (Project Lead Designer at Nissan Design)
Chetan Chohan (Creative Design Manager)
Antonio Garrido Molina (Designer and Director of the UPV Master)

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