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Most Bizarre Car Design - Part 1

1. The Rolls-Royce Vision 100 concept car is stunning in a lot of ways, but it definitely has some unusual design features, like its box-shaped wheel area. Since the concept is fully autonomous, the interior consists of a two-person sofa and a giant TV.

2. Toyota showed off a boxy, all-electric SUV concept car appropriately dubbed the uBox. Toyota says it's geared toward young entrepreneurs who want a vehicle that can offer office space.

The seating of the uBox can be moved around to create room for working. Panels on the inside can be reconfigured to add features like vents and door trim.

3. Faraday Future unveiled an interesting-looking concept car at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. It looks part race car, part Batmobile, and it's not intended for production. 

The interior also in no way resembles a production vehicle. It has a cockpit with seats at a 45-degree angle, and a steering wheel that reminds me of a stripped-down version you would see in a race car.

4. The McLaren 675LT JVCKenwood concept car also has a bizarre steering wheel that looks like a video game controller. 

It also as cameras that jut out in place of rearview mirrors. The car itself, like any McLaren, is sleek and beautiful from the outside.

5. If you've ever thought, 'Wow, I really want a car that seamlessly stores my longboard,' then the Audi connected-mobility concept car is the one for you. A longboard is integrated in the bumper and pulls right out when you need it. 

The concept car also has an infotainment system that can calculate the best route and suggest using the longboard if that seems like the faster choice. It will even show you the best parking spot for the longboard portion of your commute, potentially making this the most niche concept car we've seen.

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