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Funny Car Concept for Kia: A Car with a different specs

Funny Concept Car is a design proposal for Kia. Just like its name suggests, it does feature compact, funny body shape. It’s an all-electric car aims to reduce traffic congestion as well as air pollution. You can read a bit information about this project.

We have two major problems in the modern world. The first is the place. We are seeing huge traffic jams in big cities, also there is very little place for parking. The second problem is ecology. This problem is every year more and more topical. Earth pollution has reached its peak, to solve this problem we need a new type of transport for the city. And here it is ecologically friendly Kia Funny! It is economical, safe, mobile and urban transport! Two small electric motors are located at front and rear sides, and between them placed the elements in the floor. This makes the car more universally. Designed for two passengers, this concept car also features a small cabin for luggage at the back. Kia advanced technology makes it safer and more comfortable.


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