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Brake Failure: These are what to do when you have one

The Federal Road Safety Commission has shared some important tips for car owners.
Use the following tips anytime your brake malfunctions.

Remain calm- a brake malfunction is quite scary. However, the only way you can make it safely is by staying calm. Once you can remain calm, you can take the following actions.
  • Downshift immediately
  • Use the emergency brake.
  • Move into the right lane quickly.
  • Stay off the gas pedal.
  • Check for anything that may be blocking the brake pedal, thus preventing it from working.
  • Pump your brakes, if you have an older car, and firmly press the brake pedal, if you have a new model.
  • Alert others by horning.
  • If you can not avoid hitting something, make sure it is soft.
  • Get help immediately your car stops.
  • If your brake ever fails, always remember to stay calm and avoid freaking out.

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